"I Shall Meet Him In The Doorway"
Judith Johnson Kypta

Oh, how I wait in anticipation

For ....My love to come to me

Bringing a fresh bouquet.....

With a fragrance...So heavenly

Ah, I knew he would be coming

I could feel it in my soul.....

My heart is quickly beating

It’s strings...He does, gently pull

Oh, I shall meet him in the doorway

I will greet him tenderly.......

Then I'll confess, that I love him

Together....We're destined to be!

I have prayed, my God please guide me

Show me to whom, I will belong

Bless our paths as you entwine us

Let us sing loves...Joyful song!

Copyright © 2005 Judith Johnson Kypta
Used with permission * All rights reserved

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for use of her poetry.

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